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Model Number: 01685-00-01

Product Specification:



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  • In The Box

    • TN72 GPS Receiver
    • Installation Manual
    • Connector Co-axial QMA
    • Headshell, 9 Way
    • 9 way D-type contact housing (female)
    • Crimp Terminal, Female, 22-24 AWG (Qty 9)

    • Features

      • Interfaces with Trig transponder to provide ADS-B Out
      • GPS receiver √ê certified to TSO-C199
      • Meets position requirements of FAR 91.227 for Experimental and Light Sport √ê 2020 compliant in U.S.
      • Enhances visibility and safety
      • Collision avoidance (uses non zero quality indicators)
      • Enables live tracking of aircraft
      • Triggers traffic information services (TIS-B only available in U.S.)
      • Low cost and light weight
      • Global Trig warranty

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          Flying in busy skies, or in remote areas means that many pilots want to exploit the visibility and safety that ADS-B provides. ADS-B In traffic receivers, used in general aviation today, allow a pilot to view ADS-B Out equipped aircraft on a cockpit display. The TN72 meets the position requirements of FAR 91.227 and can be used by Light Sport and Experimental aircraft in the U.S. to meet the 2020 ADS-B mandate. The TN72 is a highly affordable solution when used in combination with a Trig transponder.

          A TN72 will be visible across all ADS-B In traffic platforms. By installing a TN72 with your Trig transponder you will have a certified collision avoidance safety benefit Ð thatÕs easy to install and proven to work with Trig transponders.

          The TN72 is an attractive and practical GPS position source. It meets the FAAÕs TSO-C199 certification standard for a Traffic Awareness Beacon System, known as TABS for short. TrigÕs TN72 supports current and future air to air collision avoidance and situational awareness applications. This enhanced visibility can be useful for tracking club aircraft in real time, improving safety in the circuit and reducing the risk of air-to-air collision.

          In the U.S. to receive a full traffic service from ADS-B ground stations, aircraft must be ADS-B Out equipped. The TN72 is well suited to soaring or glider pilots, with a Trig transponder a full traffic service will be triggered (an ADS-B traffic receiver is required). However, certified aircraft can also use the TN72 as a highly cost effective way to trigger traffic information outside of 2020 airspace.

          TRIG TN72 ADS-B GPS POSITION SOURCE 01685-00-01

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