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Stratus ADS-B Receivers

Stratus 2S ADS-B Receiver for iPad

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Stratus 2S ADS-B Receiver for iPad

Stratus™ is the simple-to-use, pocket-sized, wireless receiver that transforms your iPad into the ultimate flight tool. Get subscription-free weather, GPS information, ADS-B traffic and backup attitude – all integrated with ForeFlight Mobile. The top-of-the-line Stratus 2S offers additional features and even better performance, but with the same pilot-friendly design that has made Stratus the best-selling ADS-B receiver in aviation.

You can view in-flight weather on your iPad, including NEXRAD radar, METARs, TAFs, TFRs, AIRMETs, SIGMETs, NOTAMs and more. It's updated every 5-10 minutes and there are no subscription fees – ever. Plus, Stratus Replay allows you to turn off the iPad screen in flight and save battery; when you turn the screen on again, Stratus will automatically send all the weather information you missed. This can double your iPad's battery life.

ForeFlight's Synthetic Vision feature rewrites the book on situational awareness. With luminous terrain, night sky view, hands-free declutter, and a brilliant obstacle awareness system, ForeFlight with Synthetic Vision will forever change the way you fly. With Stratus 2S, ForeFlight's synthetic vision really comes alive. The built-in AHRS drives a super responsive pitch and bank instrument in the center of the Synthetic Vision view. In an emergency situation, you’ve got a backup glass cockpit on your iPad.

Stratus 2S includes a dual band (978 MHz and 1090 MHz) ADS-B receiver so it can display traffic information right on the ForeFlight Maps page. See relative altitude, climb/descent rate and projected track. Picks up all aircraft equipped with ADS-B Out as well all aircraft equipped with Mode C transponders (if your airplane has ADS-B Out in the panel). Note: ADS-B traffic is limited if your aircraft does not have ADS-B Out installed in the panel.

With the built-in WAAS GPS receiver, Stratus allows you to view moving maps, track up displays and high resolution terrain maps in ForeFlight. The smart GPS locks on fast and typically provides 1 meter accuracy. Replaces the need for a separate GPS receiver--Stratus has it all!

Retails for $899!!!               


I try to ship Next Day! (I reserve the choice to ship FedEx if USPS costs more than the estimate or Fedex offers less transit time)    




Thanks for Checking out my Auction!!! :)))

Stratus 2S ADS-B Receiver for iPad Stratus 2S ADS-B Receiver for iPad

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