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Stratus ADS-B Receivers

Model DC-COM 200 Intercom

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5" x 3.5" x 2.5"

DC-COM Model 200 Features:

Model 200 is a completely portable two place intercom with expansion capabilities to accommodate up to six places using Model 200EX Expansion Modules.

Battery Powered

Superior Squelch

Individual VOX


Power on-off/Fail Safe Switch The smooth operating toggle switch placed in the on position provides power from selected power source (external or battery).Toggle to aft position removes power from intercom and provides fail safe operation by routing transmit and receive audio directly to headset.

Battery Select Switch is used when indicator light pulsates red to signal low battery - After switching to new battery indicator light will return to pulsating green. Low battery should be replaced as soon as possible.

Power/Battery Indicator Light illuminates constant green when using external power operation. pulsating green for internal battery operation and pulsating red for low internal battery.

Pilot and Co-pilot Jacks will accept the standard plugs (PJ-055 headset and PJ-068 microphone) from any general aviation headset and the microphone plug from a portable P44 Switch like DCC Model C1O-15.

A Front Panel Push-To-Talk Button is provided for pilot transmissions when a yoke mounted PU or a portable PU Switch is not used.

Volume Control Knob for setting system volume level. Individual's headset level can be set with headset volume controls.

Squelch Control Knob for setting VOX threshold for voice activation of intercom for pilot and copilot positions. VOX threshold for passengers is set from Model 2OOEX Expansion Module.

Auxiliary Input Jack will accept signals from devices such as portable CD and tape players. Aux in will mute with radio reception.

Auxiliary Output Jack will provide line level signal for driving CVRs, tape recorders or other such devices.

External Power Input Jack will accept plug from power cord supplied for use with external power.

Expansion Jack will accept the plug of the extension cord supplied with Model 2OOEX Expansion Module to expand the system to a four place and six place system.

Battery Powered by one of two available batteries. When one battery begins to drain (after approx. 40 hrs.) simply switch to second battery using battery select switch for an additional 40 hrs. of intercom use.

Battery Cover Plate is easily removed for replacing batteries by simply unscrewing the thumb nut and replacing the batteries.

Model DC-COM 200 Intercom Model DC-COM 200 Intercom Model DC-COM 200 Intercom
Model DC-COM 200 Intercom Model DC-COM 200 Intercom

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