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Make Me An Offer! Narco Mk12D+ TSO 14v

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Narco Mk12D TSO 14v

Works please read condition!

Radio display was, at times, not always but most of the times I used it, 5 and up to 15 minutes slow to work properly displaying a “10” or a “12” instead of a frequency, once working, no noted problems until airplane was shut down for more than a few hours or overnight. Note I recently purchased this airplane and have not flown it much.

“Sold As Is”

“Answers” to emailed questions...

Does glideslope work?

Did not try it.

Does Navigation work on both localizer and VOR?

VOR works, did not try anything else.

Does communications radio work?


Any issues with transmit or receive?


Any limitations with respect to distance or particular frequencies?


Was this your radio in your airplane before or how did you acquire it? Yes, recently purchased the airplane with it.

When was it last used?

Less than 30 days ago.

Fully functional?


Display fully functional?


“FYI: I was replacing it with another identical unit, at that time, I discovered my battery had dirty connection poles and was not charging well, I cleaned the poles and now battery gets fully charged and starts better, radio I replaced it with works great, so I,m not sure if this might have been part of the reason for the issues. But I can swap again and test it, now if the radio works good price will go up. The delay is due to my airplane is currently not in my possession, it’s at an upholstery shop and avionics shop getting a new interior and updates for 2020 compliance done.” Note: I will also have avionics shop bench test it, but since they don’t work on Narco radios I’m not sure how helpful they will be. “For now you can buy it cheaper at your educated risk”.


Make Me An Offer! Narco Mk12D+ TSO 14v Make Me An Offer! Narco Mk12D+ TSO 14v Make Me An Offer! Narco Mk12D+ TSO 14v
Make Me An Offer! Narco Mk12D+ TSO 14v Make Me An Offer! Narco Mk12D+ TSO 14v

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