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Micro Avionics UL-200 (ANR+VOX) self contained intercom headset Lynx compatible

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You are bidding for a brand new Micro Avionics UL-200 MM001A-Blue Headset. It is compatible with other MicroAvionics UL series headsets and radio interfaces, as well as with Lynx Micro system headsets and intercoms. 


The Micro Avionics UL System is specially designed to provide excellent performance in open and closed cockpit aircraft such as trikes, powered-parachutes, gyros and fixed-wing planes. The Micro Avionics UL System is designed and manufactured in England, using the latest electronic technology to produce the most advanced aircraft intercom equipment available. The system is modular in design and can be configured to meet any specific requirement by selecting the appropriate component parts. The Micro Avionics UL System " consists of headsets which contain the intercom circuitry and their own rechargeable batteries. Two headsets can be coupled together through a linking adapter for excellent intercom function. Using this system, you can move from one aircraft to another without any fixing equipment. The headsets can be used with or without the helmets. And, the headsets can be used with radio-interface units to allow for radio as well as intercom communication

This headset has been specifically designed to work in open and enclosed cockpits with specific attention to noise reduction and clear communication. NIMH batteries giving over 100 hours between recharge (no re-charge is needed if using a powered radio interface MM005). The headset uses a military specification noise canceling electret microphone designed for high noise environments coupled with a speaker that gives excellent sound qualities. The ear defender used is a twin skinned earcup, very similar to double glazed windows. Hence the earcup cuts out more noise than most other single skinned defenders on the market. Fitted with the latest liquid gel ear seals which reduce the pressure point effect from extended use also for users wearing glasses.  

The headset is fitted with ANR (active noise reduction) and VOX. ANR listens to the noise penetrating the ear cup and cancels this noise out using phase reversal technology. The result is an extremely quiet ear defender, even under the harshest environment. The ANR technology reduces this noise by 6dB, which is twice as quiet compared to non ANR. The UL-200 also has VOX. VOX is a system where the microphone is switched off when you are not speaking. This in turn switches off the speakers in the ear cups to give an exceptionally quiet headset. The VOX level is user adjusted by a small control on the headset. The UL-200 is a first of its kind for microlight aircraft. The result from VOX & ANR means you have a very quiet headset.

Each  headset is independently controlled which has volume dial and VOX adjuster on the left earcup. The headset comes with large wind muff and strong PUR curly cable with 7 pin locking bayonet socket.  The headsets are compatible with UL-100 headsets, integral helmets with build-in UL-100 UL-200 headsets and Lynx Avionics Micro system headsets.

If you require connection to a radio, cell phone, second radio or music then you would connect each headset to a radio interface (MM005). Of course a headset can be used on its own or as a pair.

The first picture is the headset itself, what you see is what you get.  "Blue" type (in fact it is black) headset has a little smaller earcups and different than standard MM001 headset band. It is recommended by the manufacturer for using without a protective helmet on top. However it is possible to use it with MicroAvionics or Lynx protective helmet if you remove or squeeze some foam inside the helmet. MM001 Standard picture #2 (our other listings). Other 4 pictures are different standard combinations: intercom, intercom-radio system for closed cockpit and intercom, intercom-radio system for open cockpit aircraft.

Air Trikes Enterprises uses Micro Avionics systems as standard communication equipment for our trikes for years.  I’m ready to help you to optimize your intercom-radio system, answer your questions regarding compatibility with other components, using adapters etc. If you need other Micro Avionics or Lynx compatible components (helmets, connectors, chargers, adapters etc), check my other auctions or contact me. Bid with confidence, but only serious bidders please.

We send USA, Canada and Worldwide, Standard or Xpresspost with insurance and signature confirmation. Flat rate to USA 40$, Canada 30$. Other services available upon request. 1) Ebay.com shipping calculation system doesn’t work sometimes correctly for some reason. 2) Canadian buyers have to add GST PST or HST to the total amount, depends on the province they live. If you have questions about shipping cost please contact me to get the correct payment invoice before payment. We do have combined shipping.

Micro Avionics UL-200 (ANR+VOX) self contained intercom headset Lynx compatible  Micro Avionics UL-200 (ANR+VOX) self contained intercom headset Lynx compatible  Micro Avionics UL-200 (ANR+VOX) self contained intercom headset Lynx compatible
Micro Avionics UL-200 (ANR+VOX) self contained intercom headset Lynx compatible  Micro Avionics UL-200 (ANR+VOX) self contained intercom headset Lynx compatible  Micro Avionics UL-200 (ANR+VOX) self contained intercom headset Lynx compatible

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