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EZ-Grip Friction Drops Aircraft Grade

Friction Drops

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Screw extractor tool in liquid form proven in aircraft maintenance operations provides quick removal of screw and bolt fasteners saving time, money, and frustration.


How it works:

Each drop of EZ Grip Friction Drops™ contain thousands of microscopic blocks of natural material that are almost diamond like in hardness. These natural blocks are floating in a specially blended biodegradable formula.  When you place a drop on the fastener head or driver head or onto the bolt or socket or wrench head and jiggle it this is what happens:

The blocks quickly move into place to form an interlocking bridge between the tool head and any differential surface it can find on the fastener head.  You can feel the tool lock onto the fastener and while you apply pressure, then turn.  Unless the fastener is so frozen that it needs a lubricant to free it, it will turn.


Need to remove stripped aircraft screws and bolts fast even if the fastener has a distressed head?  EZ Grip Friction Drops Screw Remover gives your tool the torque it needs for fast screw removal and bolt removal.  It’s an amazing screw remover and bolt remover tool in liquid form.  Try it and see for yourself for screw removal.  This product has met ASTM Tests that can be reviewed at


Instructions for use: Screws Removal / Insertion

Shake the bottle well. Apply a single drop either into the stressed fastener head or onto the tip of the driver. Insert the driver into the fastener head. Apply pressure and wiggle the screwdriver until you feel a good grip. Keep the pressure on and then twist it in or out. When using a power driver, it's very important that you wiggle the screw bit with pressure, once again to be sure that you get a good bite prior to giving a burst of power. EZ-Grip is also excellent to use as a preventative. Use a drop when inserting a new fastener to help prevent slippage and damage to the fastener. It also reduces the wear on the driver bit.

Instructions for use: Bolts Removal / Insertion

To remove screws place
two or three drops on the bolt head or the wrench or the socket. Spread it around on the inside of the socket or wrench or the leading edge of the fastener. Wiggle the tool while at the same time applying pressure until you feel a good bite. Cocking the tool slightly to get the proper grip is OK. Maintain the pressure and twist it in or out.


EZ-Grip Friction Drops Aircraft Grade EZ-Grip Friction Drops Aircraft Grade EZ-Grip Friction Drops Aircraft Grade
EZ-Grip Friction Drops Aircraft Grade

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