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Bendix/King contacts, KX155, KMA24, KY196, others, GOLD, 500 pc bundle

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500 pieces, Bendix/King connector contacts. These fit the edge connectors for many popular Bendix/King radios and audio panels.  They are also used on PS engineering PSA8000 series audio panels, and they also fit some Narco radio connectors as well. Although not purchased from Honeywell, these contacts are the exact same as-

KING PART NUMBER 030-1107-xxx


These are the original gold-flashed versions used by Bendix-King and PS Engineering.   They are not the cheaper tin-lead plated contacts (sometimes identified as "silver") offered by some others sources.

These are for use in the black double row connectors used on the King KX155, KX165, KN53, KX155A, KT76A, KY196, KY197, KY196A, KY197A, KLN35, KMA24, KMA134, KR87, KN75, KNS80, KNS81; and many others too numerous to mention... They also fit some Narco radios, such as the Mark 12D and DME890 (and others), as well as iCom panel mount equipment.

These contacts have been discontinued by the original manufacturer (Molex), and are getting very hard to find.  Once my current stock of these is depleted, they will be even harder to find!  

I believe these are currently unavailable from Bendix/King.   They may still be available as part of complete connector kits from them.

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Bendix/King contacts, KX155, KMA24, KY196, others, GOLD,  500 pc bundle

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