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Display for Narco COM810 COM811 NAV824 NAV825 P/N 50226-0001

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Current Price: 194.99 USD Ends in: 21d 8h

New, from the same US-based OEM vendor that supplied Narco when they were still in business. Every avionics-related item I sell is in the spirit of reducing costs for pilots like myself.

If your Narco COM810, COM811 or NAV824 has malfunctioning digits or is getting dim, this is the part that you need for repair. Hard to find, and otherwise very expensive!

One order is for one unit, plus wrenches for the knob setscrews, and four spare knob setscrews in case any are missing/stripped.

I ship only fresh datecodes
. This is important, as these displays contain a mildly radioactive gas necessary for their operation, which decays with time and impacts the total life of the display. Some of the displays found on ebay are from very old inventory. I buy directly from Narco's old supplier, so the displays are right off the production line.

Note that not all Narco display malfunctions are due to the display component itself, such as sudden blackouts, which usually trace back to the high voltage power supply used to run the display, or segments stuck on or off across all digits, which trace back to the high voltage display driver components.

If you do not choose to replace the display yourself, make sure that you choose an FAA-approved repair shop to do so, in order to maintain the radio's airworthiness, and to make sure your radio and the display are handled properly.

Due to the nature of this component, no refunds will be issued for displays that have been installed, or where the glass is broken. Verify your high voltage and failure symptoms first!

Displays will be shipped in anti-static material with ample packaging to prevent damage. Antistatic procedures should be observed when handling and when installing into the radio.

Parts will be serialized with a permanent label for easier logging. Certification of Custody, lot number data, and data sheet available on request after purchase.

I ship internationally, and have for 14 years.

Display for Narco  COM810 COM811 NAV824  NAV825 P/N 50226-0001

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